About Us

SCRS successfully fills positions in the Supply Chain and Logistics space. This includes-
Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution, Transportation, Procurement/ Sourcing, Materials Management, Inventory Control/ Forecasting, Customer Service, Import/ Export/ Compliance Production, Planning, Consulting.
SCRS transcends all industries within Supply Chain. We have experience in dealing with organizations in the following industries:
  • Apparel
  • Consulting
  • Chemical/ Metals
  • Medical Supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Appliance    
  • Consumer Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial
  • Publishing
  • Beverage   
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronics
  • Office Equipment
  • Transportation 
  • Computer/Software
  • Building Materials
  • Food Distributors
  • Paper/ Packaging
  • 3PL Providers